You need more guest in Your hotel?

We help You to get more guests in Your hotel. Start a redesign of Your hotel website - and include a booking system to get direct bookings.

Samui Infotech helps You to get more guests! At every website project You start in July 2018 You get a 10% discount* .

Ask us today!

*We assume, You will be able to provide all materials, such as logo, images and content. Otherwise we will be not able to give You a discount.

Mobilegeddon Is Back

Are you prepared?

Again - Google is pushing Your website only, if Your website is mobile friendly! It is not only about Google or Bing, it is also important for Your customers, to have a nice website on a smartphone from Your hotel or resort. It helps a lot to get Your audience - and the revenue back!

As us about doing a responsive website!


Start today with our services, to get higher ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo!
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