Room Pricing - direct Bookings vs OTA

When it gets to the question, what prices a hotel should use on them own website, compared with the prices from OTA's (such as / Agoda / Expedia etc). A good workout is, first to have clean prices overall. prices can be with breakfast inclusive or without breakfast.
On the own website, it should be listed all benefits what guests have, when they book directly, even if the prices are either the same height as on the OTA's portals.

Benefits could be:

  • Free Upgrades: Offer prospective guests free upgrades and add-ons for booking direct.
  • Value Added Packages: Offer value-added packages for guests that book directly, such as free parking, spa services, or tickets to local attractions.
  • Limited Audience Discounts: Offer exclusive discounts to specific audiences through discount codes by email, Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets.
  • Check-in Recruitment: When guests check in, offer them a special discount to book direct on their next visit. A sign could even be placed at the front desk promoting this offer.
  • Make Online Booking Easy: Make sure booking online is simple and easy. Offer customers the "Best Guaranteed Rate" and make sure the website is mobile friendly.

A good way to manage prices is by using a channel manager, mostly combined with a booking engine and PMS. With a channel manager You are able to adjust prices in one place, and "send" them to the OTA's. Good channel manager systems are able to have additional add-on or packages.


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